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Developers of connected and autonomous vehicles are exploring the potential of RTK and PPP for precise positioning. This blog explores the need for lab-based simulation of error correction

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Connected autonomous vehicles rely on a battery of sensors for position, navigation and timing. Our new blog series will look at four critical aspects of testing PNT capabilities in the lab.

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By Spirent On October 1, 2011
High precision GNSS, RTK, CORS, L2C, L5

With the latest report from market research guru ABI Research predicting that the high-precision GNSS sector is set to double in size between 2011 and 2016, there will be strong temptation for new companies to enter this potentially lucrative part of the market. Already consumer chipset manufacturers are looking to exploit the potential of the forthcoming open L2C and L5 signals, and with China accounting for around half of the market in 2010, new manufacturers from that locality are s...

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