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Although satellite-based navigation systems are the preferred means for establishing location in “open” terrain, they do suffer shortcomings in areas where the satellites are obscured from the receiver, particularly by man-made structures such as buildings. In short, the performance of GNSS receivers cannot be guaranteed indoors or in densely populated “urban canyon” environments. Wi-Fi positioning is a technique that has been developed to overcome these limitations and a...

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Over the past few years the ability of consumer grade devices, typically smart phones but also PNDs, to navigate indoors has improved significantly. This is because GPS has been supplemented by other navigation technologies, such as cell tower identification and, more recently, navigation using Wi-Fi to localise position. To get reliable sub-10metre accuracy indoors, however, will require more than GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi positioning. Use of other sensors, particularly MEMS inertial sensors, as...

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