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All Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) work by measuring the transmission-time delay from a satellite to the receiver. With a clear view of the sky and an unobstructed path to multiple satellites a modern GNSS receiver is able to calculate its position rapidly and accurately. However atmospheric propagation effects can alter the speed of the signals to an indeterminate degree, signals can be obscured by buildings or reflected off surfaces such as the sea, all of which will compromise the...

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Record and playback systems (RPSs) such as the new Spirent GSS6400 can be used at many stages of the GNSS receiver design cycle and for many different tasks. However, one application that may not seem immediately obvious is in testing the ability of multi-GNSS receivers to work with both existing and future satellite systems. Clearly, the RPS cannot be used to playback signals from non-existent satellites. But used in conjunction with a simulator, the RPS can play a key role in inves...

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