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For most GNSS receivers, static navigation accuracy is only part of the story. The ubiquitous automotive satnav system is the most common case where dynamic accuracy is essential. And users will only be satisfied with the performance of their receivers if turn-by-turn navigation instructions are both accurate and timely. So while you may be familiar with the concept of testing the performance of a GNSS receiver in the lab with a GNSS simulator, how can this be extended to take into account the ...

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By Spirent On April 1, 2010
NMEA data

The navigation industry often refers to NMEA data. But what is it? And why is it so important for the GNSS receiver industry? The NMEA is the US National Marine Electronics Association, which acts, among other things, as a standards body for the industry. And one of its most important standards is NMEA 0183, which defines electrical and data specifications for serial communications between all manner of marine electronic devices. These include everything from echo sounders, sonars and anemomete...

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