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Developers of connected autonomous vehicles must understand the impact of multipath and obscuration on the GNSS receiver. This blog explores the need for 3D simulation in the research lab.

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The effects of multipath cannot be ignored as they can compromise the performance and accuracy of any receiver design. Put simply, multipath refers to the phenomenon of radio frequency (RF) signals reaching the receiver via two or more routes. It is caused by the original signal being reflected or diffracted, typically by a building, geological feature or even water.

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By Spirent On October 5, 2010
Multipath, GNSS receivers

On the face of it, the marine environment might appear relatively benign for GNSS receivers. After all, there is virtually no chance of signal obscuration from buildings or trees (although the odd cliff might come into play), so logically, the design of a marine GNSS receiver should be a piece of cake. However, such devices are particularly prey to multipath interference – both from the surface of the sea and from the superstructure of the vessel itself. And left untreated multipath effec...

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