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There’s a simple, compelling, theory around using GPS in trains: by using GPS for position information, coupled with train communication systems, the need for track-side signalling goes away. The massive infrastructure cost associated with signalling goes away as everything needed is on-board each train. The reality surrounding this vision, however, is that rail infrastructure has to be heavily regulated and standards-driven due to the safety critical nature of the industry. The vision i...

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GPS specifically, and GNSS more generally, works fantastically well in its native mode of operation with an open view of the sky. High vehicle speeds, even in an aircraft manoeuvring at several times the speed of sound, are well within the capabilities of the GPS system. To use more specific language, the accuracy and continuity of positioning information is very high in open sky conditions. Back down to earth, a person walking with their GPS on the edge of the street in a typical town or c...

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