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GPS specifically, and GNSS more generally, works fantastically well in its native mode of operation with an open view of the sky. High vehicle speeds, even in an aircraft manoeuvring at several times the speed of sound, are well within the capabilities of the GPS system. To use more specific language, the accuracy and continuity of positioning information is very high in open sky conditions. Back down to earth, a person walking with their GPS on the edge of the street in a typical town or c...

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To those engineers more familiar with automotive or marine navigation systems, the concept of using GNSS receivers for navigation on railways might seem a case of “overkill”. After all, there are only so many places a train can go, and these are firmly bounded by two steel rails. However, the exact knowledge of the position of any train on any rail system allows the rail operator to both improve service and increase traffic density by reducing the headways associated with fixed line-...

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