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Pseudorandom noise (PRN) codes are an important element of code division multiple access (CDMA) based satellite navigation systems. Each satellite within a GNSS constellation has a unique PRN code that it transmits as part of the C/A navigation message. This code allows any receiver to identify exactly which satellite(s) it is receiving. The PRN codes act as spreading codes in the spread-spectrum communications system, and must be carefully chosen to minimise interference between each satellite...

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Today most commercial receivers are GPS L1 C/A code only. However, for many applications, the single frequency GPS performance is inadequate and many technology developers are turning to other sensors to compliment GPS. Today we have many forms and functions, depending on the application and hence needs. Integrated in-vehicle navigation systems often compliment the GPS position with dead reckoning navigation information from wheel rotation sensors. Often these are the same sensors used...

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