Prepare for the Next GNSS Outage

As you may be aware, recent incidents of GNSS errors have impacted the performance of some receivers. The GLONASS outage, beginning of April, and a number of GPS devices erroneously interpreting data from SVN64 are two such examples.

The causes of these issues have been widely reported in the positioning media; with the GLONASS outage being caused by the uploading of faulty ephemeris data and the GPS disruption being due to a number of receiver’s incorrectly processing data from a satellite that was indicating its data was unusable. The results of these two issues ranged from inaccurately reported locations, to complete positioning failure.

Although these two issues were caused by differing errors, the problem with the receiver was the same, the inability to identify corrupt data and exclude this from the location calculations.

In order to minimize disruption to your customers and safeguard your device from future outages, it is important to test the integrity of the receiver to ensure that your device will recognize and exclude corrupt data. Software such as Spirent’s SimGEN™ can be used to perform these critical tests.

Events like these outages may be rare, but without good product development they have the potential to cause significant headaches or worse. Would your processes stand up to scrutiny, if users were seriously affected by a failure of your receiver?

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