What is the SCDM?

By Spirent On June 1, 2012
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The SCDM is the System for Differential Correction and Monitoring, which is a key part of a Russian-operated satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) for both GLONASS and GPS. The SCDM uses a ground network of monitoring stations on Russian territory as well as some overseas stations.

The stated object for the SCDM is to provide metre-level accuracy for GLONASS users, with target levels of 1-1.5m for horizontal accuracy and 2-3m for vertical accuracy.

The correction and integrity data will be broadcast via a recently launched satellite with an SBAS transponder on the GPS L1 frequency with a C/A pseudorandom noise code that will shortly be assigned by the GPS Directorate.

The primary service area for the SDCM is Russian territory, and so the main lobe of the SBAS antenna beam is aimed northwards at an angle of 7 degrees relative to the direction to the equator. The transmitted power will be 60W, which will provide a signal strength of around -158dBW at the Earth’s surface. This is roughly equal to the local power of both GPS and GLONASS signals.

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