Testing NFC in Commercial Devices

By Paul Argent On August 1, 2012
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In the space of a few years, Near Field Communication (NFC) looks set to transform our daily lives. Recent forecasts from Juniper Research predict that, by 2017, a quarter of US and Western European mobile phone owners will use their NFC-enabled device to pay for goods in-store.

And the potential of NFC extends far beyond revolutionising retail transactions. The market for non-payment applications—from smart posters to simplifying the setup of more complex Wi-Fi connections—is estimated to be worth almost $300 million over the same timeframe.

The Need for Fast, Professional Functional Testing

Integration and manufacturing testing are crucial stages in the development of any commercial location-aware device: by ensuring shipped devices function as intended, customer satisfaction is safeguarded, support costs are minimised and brand reputation is protected.

In the case of NFC-enabled devices—which need to successfully and securely handle some of world’s most valuable personal information—the speed and quality of this testing will be vital to meeting the expectations of early adopters.

It’s to meet this need that we’ve built NFC testing into our new GSS5300 Multi-Radio Wireless Connectivity Tester.

The Industry’s First Functional Test Solution for NFC

The Spirent GSS5300 is designed to deliver controlled, accurate testing of a device’s ability to receive and process NFC signals. With the ability to test multiple devices at once, it’s also designed to accelerate device development, and help manufactures get innovative products to market faster.

Upgrading Testing Capabilities, while Lowering Testing Costs

In additional to functional NFC testing, the GSS5300 offers simultaneous Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM testing, all within the same box, all to the exceptional level of quality we’re famous for at Spirent.
Because the GSS5300 is engineered especially for functional testing, it’s also a significantly cheaper solution than deploying racks of individual, unnecessarily complicated R&D tools.

Find Out More

You can learn more about exactly how the GSS5300 supports the development of the next generation of smartphones and commercial NFC-enabled devices here. If you’ve any questions about testing NFC for specific applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch—we’re always ready to help you solve your testing challenges.

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