What is the Land Mobile Multipath model?

By Spirent On April 30, 2012
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Developed specifically to meet the demands of the mobile phone industry, the Land Mobile Multipath (LMM) model provides a pragmatic approach to assessing the multipath performance of location aware mobile handsets.

Rather than taking the analytical approach to multipath performance testing typically used for other GNSS receivers, the LMM model provides a database of ready-written test scenarios and allows the test engineer to define the signal conditions from this database. This enables the high-speed testing mandated by the high-throughput production environment typical of the mobile handset market.

The Land Mobile Multipath model is available within Spirent's SimGEN™ test software. The model combines the statistical models commonly used in laboratory testing of wireless communication equipment, together with a channel allocation algorithm that takes control of the Spirent simulator hardware.

The model within the SimGEN software enables direct LOS signals with Rician fading, reflected signals with Rayleigh fading, power decay and exponential delay, and deep fading of echoes, providing a carrier Doppler offset. The relative numbers of the direct and reflected signals can be selected within the model by choosing one of several satellite visibility category masks, each using the azimuth and elevation of the LOS signal.

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