GLONASS set for Automotive Boost

By Spirent On September 1, 2010

With global coverage of the GLONASS constellation now scheduled before the end of 2010, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced plans for a major expansion in its use on the nation's roads. In announcing the deadline for total coverage, Mr Putin revealed that all new vehicles sold in the Russian market from 2012 will be required to include GLONASS receivers.

GLONASS tracking devices are already routinely installed in commercial and emergency services vehicles throughout the Russian federation. But now Russia's largest carmaker, AvtoVAZ, is expected to start producing its Lada Kalina and Lada Priora models equipped with a GLONASS/GPS navigation system as early as 2011, making it the first manufacturer to equip vehicles with a dual-GNSS receiver as standard.

Manufacturers looking to take advantage of the expansion of the GLONASS system and exploit the new opportunities in the Russian marketplace are now running short of time. The only way to reliably develop new products using GLONASS or dual-GNSS systems featuring GPS and GLONASS is to use a multi-GNSS simulator from Spirent.


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