GPS GLONASS - are you ready?

GPS/GLONASS - You may not be working on it, but many of your competitors are

Work continues apace on the GLONASS constellation, with the commencement of a headquarters building that will also house an office of the United Nations IT and satellite navigation agency. And the head of the Russian Space Agency, Anatoli Perminov, took the opportunity of laying the foundation stone of the new building to confirm that the GLONASS constellation would achieve full global coverage before January 2011. He also announced preliminary details of an upgraded system, due for introduction before 2020.

With threats of trade sanctions against companies intending to market GPS-only equipment in the Russian market, the pressure is on all manufacturers of location-enabled devices to take the Multi-GNSS route, rather than sticking to GPS-only designs. Those that do not follow this edict not only run the risk of being excluded from a fast-growing market, but also fail to maximise the location aware capabilities of their devices by not following the Multi-GNSS route.

If you’re involved in the design, integration, verification or manufacture of GPS/GLONASS devices or systems you can test your Multi-GNSS devices today. Spirent constellation simulators are available offering GPS and/or GLONASS and/or Galileo capability. What's more our new platforms are field upgradable. You can test other GNSS systems well in advance of the commencement of services and many people are. Don’t get left behind, talk to us now.


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