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Old World Testing vs. New World 5G Testing and Assurance


Now that service providers successfully brought 5G to market in much of the developed world, what’s next? Phase II is about creating additional revenue streams through new 5G services and offerings. 5G testing is an important part of this process. In their new eBook, Spirent unveils a new world strategy for 5G testing and assurance. It’s designed to meet the needs of service providers today.

The journey to 5G has been long and arduous, not to mention expensive. Service providers have incurred massive costs to bring 5G to market, and yet the voyage has only begun. As we enter this second phase into unknown territory, 5G revenue takes center stage. Service providers want to add additional 5G revenue streams through value-added services and other offerings, and of course, see a return on their 5G investment. The pressure is palpable.

The team at Spirent tackles this topic in their new eBook, 5G Testing for the Race to Revenue. Whether you are a service provider, a network equipment manufacturer, a cloud service provider, a device manufacturer, or a government or military entity - you know the challenges you are facing on this journey. It can be hard to create a plan to achieve your revenue goals when there are so many moving parts.

One of those challenges is 5G testing. It is an important aspect of any 5G revenue strategy. Are you sure your 5G testing strategy is robust enough for this new paradigm of mobile networks and services?

One of my favorite sentences in the eBook reads, “The impact that the market drivers of cloudification, softwarization, disaggregation, open networks, and AI/ML have on 5G changes the role of testing and assurance forever.” The eBook goes on to explain Spirent’s vision for what the new world of testing and assurance looks like.

Talk about a picture painting 1,000 words…

In a nutshell, old world testing is manual, slow, rigid and expensive. New world 5G testing and assurance is agile, comprehensive and continuous. It can handle the dynamic, hybrid nature of 5G networks.

This new world 5G testing will add a layer of operational efficiency through automation, which in my opinion, is absolutely essential for service providers today. Spirent delivers on their bold proposition from development through deployment of new 5G services, applications and other offerings.

Bite-sized case studies worth reading

If you are a 5G geek like me, the last 10 pages of the eBook will read like a thought-provoking bedtime story. On each one of those pages, there is a short case study of a company that engaged Spirent to assist with their testing and assurance challenges. For each example, there is a description of the opportunity, the approach and the outcome.

The first case study with Rakuten Mobile in Japan is my favorite because it highlights the importance of strong partnerships in the 5G ecosystem. You can read about it in the eBook. Spirent’s case studies with DISH Network, Telefónica, and the Tier-1 Mobile Operator in the United States also piqued my interest.

Final thoughts

In the end, this tough journey of transformation and innovation will continue. Humanity will move forward, and we will eventually arrive at the 5G world we all envision.

For service providers, the natural evolution of IoT services and mobile applications, and the never-ending demands from consumers, will fuel their desire to continue progressing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, and robotics will change our lives forever. Some experts say that by 2030, each person in the developed world will own 10-15 connected devices.

As our new world continues to take form, we are pushed to do, create and be more. The question is, can your current 5G testing and assurance strategy keep up? Download the eBook to learn more.

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