Take-Aways from IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

Aston Martin car

Aston Martin showcased their racecar outside our building during the IEEE after party in San Jose

It was great to meet and greet many OEMs from across the globe in San Jose last week at the IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day event and spending time with those who made it to our offices in San Jose for the After Party with Aston Martin. At the IEEE-SA event, there was non-stop action in the presentation and the exhibit halls. It provided attendees with an update on the research numerous companies are conducting in the areas of high performance computing, distributed software-defined networks, smart switching architectures and reliable Real-time Ethernet communications for safety critical applications. These technologies are shaping the future of connected and automated vehicles.

However, Ethernet & IP applied to Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) doesn’t stop at Automotive OEM’s and their suppliers. I met engineering from other sectors such as heavy-duty & off-highway vehicles, agriculture, avionic infotainment systems and many others. I also met an engineer from Amazon Prime Air, who is currently working on the drone delivery project which made for fascinating conversation.

Why are these events so critical to attend? They provide an opportunity for attendees to hear from industry experts, who are leading the way with new research projects to advance the industry as a whole. Companies that adapt to Ethernet technology early will be able to ensure that reliable and efficient communication systems are incorporated in their vehicles’ architecture.

During the event, I was able to showcase the new Automotive demo I have been putting together at Spirent’s San Jose office, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I enjoyed sharing this demo of an in-production Ethernet system from a BMW X5 surround view camera system to existing and potential users across the globe. It is very exciting to be able to visually demonstrate to customers what actually happens when you oversubscribe an Ethernet port or when you overburden a microprocessor with too many messages. It is priceless to see the ‘Aha’ moment on their faces as they realize the implications.

Demo system

Demo of an in-production Ethernet system from a BMW X5 surround view camera system

It was very humbling to hear a VP of Business Development from a chip maker company say “Oh this is the famous Jeff I have heard so much about”, it made my colleagues smile when they heard that. That was a fine moment indeed. It was also great to hear a manager and his researcher thank me on the help they received to get a new prototype switch up and running. It was the highlight for me, as there is nothing more satisfying than to help another engineer with a technology challenge. I guess I have a passion for it.

Did I mention it was also Halloween? I was not alone being in costume, I ran into a real-life Wireshark, Peter Pan, and Birdman at the same event too.

Jeff Warra at Automotive Technology day with a mask

Jeff Warra, gets into the Halloween spirit

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