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Take Virtual Infrastructure Benchmarking to New Heights

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Whether you are a small network lab with minimal test area or a large datacenter facility with testing as a function, the spend on test equipment and infrastructure management tools is the second largest cost of doing business for testing teams worldwide. Multiple test vendors, multiple license schemes, lack of interoperability and management of open source tools, inability to access and share test artifacts securely – all lead to negative ROI if you dare to look at the operations closely.

Since its launch in 2016, Spirent Temeva’s most popular web-application is CloudStress. We are finding that validation labs and R&D groups are using CloudStress exactly as it was designed, to perform testing beyond network I/O to validate CPU, Memory, and Storage components of a virtualized infrastructure.

CloudStress is a synthetic workload generator that will allow you to achieve predictability, resiliency and fault isolation in your cloud infrastructure and virtualized applications by simulating its physical footprint to benchmark hypervisor performance and capacity across all of the components previously mentioned. Since it is an online platform, can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, teams are now able to collaborate and share test metrics and reports across all members of the team. This efficiency improves productivity and the user experience, thus gaining more ROI from the platform.

Learn more about synthetic workload generator testing, download our white paper: Key Considerations for Virtual Infrastructure Benchmarking.


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