Visualize Your SDN with 3D Topology


As a leading vendor to help move SDN forward, we at Spirent often get asked on ways to achieve true SDN nirvana – unprecedented flexibility and greater responsiveness. When deploying SDN, you are faced with several challenges, including testing of cloud-level traffic without compromising network visibility and control. 

Spirent and Hyperglance join hands to offer 3D Topology Suite that is the industry’s leading solution to easily visualize, monitor, and manage how the network infrastructure performs at full scale and in real-time, prior to deployment.  

Spirent TestCenter generates East-West and South bound traffic for thousands of flows through OpenFlow Switches and leverages Hyperglance to display 360° topology of the network and flows from any zoom-level.

Spirent’s 3D Topology Suite provides interactive graphical user interface to optimize your SDN and cloud environments end-to-end. It allows you to:

  • Validate SDN infrastructure by testing at full scale prior to going to production and easily displaying several thousand switches in the single view.
  • Visualize the network topologies with 360o view and context-aware network controls to monitor specific areas of the network at a glance vs. going through the tables of numeric metrics.
  • Increase productivity by detecting anomalies and congested links across network in real-time.  It saves debugging time on issues that could be simply resolved by seeing that a link in the network was not in place, or switches were unattached.

When it comes to testing networks in most complex topologies, there’s never been anything like Spirent 3D Topology Suite. Give it a try today!


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