Spirent advocates open source movement with Linux Foundation

Open source is a phenomenon today, but not a new one! It’s been around for over two decades when Linux project first started in 1991 and open source initiative became official in 1998.

At Spirent, embracing open source as part of our core technology offerings is not new. However, today Spirent has partnered with Linux Foundation on two collaborative projects – OpenDayLight and OPNFV.

Spirent and ODL 

OpenDayLight project (ODL) is an open source framework to advance SDN and NFV platform, which together are part of the industry’s transition toward virtualization of networks and applications. While there is no shortage of open-source and commercial SDN controllers available it’s clear that many organizations are considering an ODL based controller over other options. That’s simply because ODL is open, standards-based technology, well integrated with industry-leading solutions, and no vendor lock-in – all of which are important considerations if you are a service provider, data center, or an enterprise.

With any innovation in networking, comes the absolute need to test its validity and efficiency. Spirent’s SDN solutions enable you do just that and more. With Spirent joining ODL community, we can lend our expertise in optimizing ODL based controllers and SDN capabilities to their fullest. That allows our customers to embark on their Software Defined Everything (SDX) journey while promising quality of service (QoS) for the network and the quality of experience (QoE) for the end-user experience.

Spirent and OPNFV

Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) is a carrier-grade, open source reference platform to accelerate state-of-the-art in NFV. The last two years have been about defining NFV, forming new standards bodies and drawing consistencies so customers can fully benefit when implemented. As we start to see that more organizations are starting to develop PoC, field trials, and even commercial deployments, Spirent is here to help customer leverage the benefits of replacing hardware functions with virtualized equivalent components.

Spirent and OPNFV together are looking to do one thing – bring NFV to market faster. In addition to OPNFV’s collaboration platform, you can now leverage Spirent’s test and validation solutions that will allow faster implementation of new products and services with end-to-end visibility and SLA confidence.

Find out more on how you can embark on SDN and NFV journey today and join us on active conversations through LinkedIn and Twitter.

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