3D Topology Suite for SDN Testing Accelerates Deployments with Dynamic Visibility and Control

Innovations like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) offer unprecedented flexibility and greater responsiveness. However for effective SDN deployment, service providers and data center operators are faced with several challenges. One of which is testing of cloud-level traffic via OpenFlow switches without compromising network visibility and control.

Ability to have 360 degree view of network-under-test allows you to see what you re testing at a glance versus what maybe under test. It also helps detect anomalies and saves debugging time on issues that could be simply resolved by proactive view of the network that was not in place, or switches that were unattached.

Spirent is first in the market to offer a 3D Topology Suite for SDN testing. Spirent TestCenter generates East-West and South bound traffic for thousands of flows through OpenFlow Switches, while displaying a 3D topology of the network and flows from any zoom-level. You can now have a single, comprehensive platform to 1) validate SDN infrastructure before going in to production, 2) get an interactive, 3-dimensional view of the network with granular control, and 3) increase productivity by detecting anomalies and troubleshooting bugs in real-time.

When it comes to testing networks in most complex topologies, 3D Topology Suite allows development and deployment teams to easily visualize, monitor, and tune how the network infrastructure performs at full scale, prior to deployment. It gives you an easy display of several thousand switches in a single view, allows you to create context-aware network controls, and provides you the ability to scale according to your needs. The 3D Topology Suite also eliminates hours of debugging time by quickly identifying issues by viewing the entire topology and its areas of congestion in real-time. This ultimately results in successful SDN deployments.

The diagram above shows the 3D Topology Suite with a graphical view of Switches, Flows, and Interfaces

Explore how 3D Topology Suite can help accelerate your SDN deployments without losing network visibility and control.

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