Spirent Presenting at Networking Field Day 8

We are excited to welcome the Networking Field Day 8 delegates to our Sunnyvale office in Northern California. I wanted to give you a quick look into what we will be discussing.

Virtualization and Cloud are all the rage these days with everyone scrambling to get their SDN and NVF solutions out to the enterprise markets. With OpenStack and other newer “Software Defined” technology, solutions are improving with each release. The challenge is that these releases are coming out faster than an IT organization can keep up with.

The evolution of technology has led to virtualized computers, virtualized storage and now of course virtualized networking. Most of these solutions leverage a hypervisor and allow changes to the infrastructure via scripts of code and automated APIs.

At NFD8 we will be reviewing with you how Spirent can deliver on the promise of Continuous Cloud Validation. We’ll show how you can orchestrate hardware and software topology build out, configuration and testing. 

Customers leverage our strong partner ecosystem to integrate network testing functions into their continuous integration and continuous delivery systems.

Whether you are an enterprise hoping to make the best business decisions, or a vendor who’s creating software defined products, you need to constantly validate the infrastructure and services your customers consume.

We will be streaming live over the Internet on Thursday September 11, 2014 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m PDT. To participate in the session via twitter please use the #NFD8 hashtag. The presentation will also be recorded for later viewing. 

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