Why is Vendor Performance Testing so Important?

As is the case with all marketing collateral, a company puts the best face on the product they want you to buy. In network equipment, part of that includes stating the capabilities of device, backed up by testing against particular requirements. While the device will likely perform exactly as described in the environment established by the vendor, how it performs in your network with your devices and your requirements is an entirely different proposition. “Results may vary.” Indeed.

Vendor Performance GraphicIn fact, in one Spirent Professional Services engagement testing revealed that the vendor’s performance benchmarks for their testing were incorrect, and the vendor in turn replaced network devices with new, more robust equipment to Spirent’s customer at no additional cost. Compare that scenario, before launch, to discovering problems in your live network, having to identify the problematic device and the issue, and mitigating the problem, all in real time, as your customer satisfaction erodes.

Vendor testing can also provide a cost-effective negotiating tool on the final purchase of a device. If the system doesn’t perform exactly in line with vendor claims, and the failure can be documented through independent testing, the prospective purchaser of the vendor’s equipment is in a very strong negotiating stance.

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