What are the Advantages of Third Party Testing?

DiagramAs Nemertes Research, voke’s ITO (Infrastructure Test Optimization), and Gartner research notes, and numerous other sources observe, implementation of IT initiatives such as data center network design, consolidation, and virtualization represent significant infrastructure and budget commitments that carry considerable risk. The value of testing to mitigate these risks is clear. Relying on in-house engineering resources, who may not have the required testing expertise, may too often bring unreliable testing results. Therefore customers who engage third-party test partners follow an established and prudent strategy of ensuring success in their IT initiative and protect the initial investment cost of the initiative.

In addition to isolating and correcting problems before deployment, third-party testing provides CapEx and OpEx savings by using a third-party test infrastructure, obviating the need to acquire and maintain a test bed year round, and eliminating the time and cost to train test engineers to gain expertise in current best practices. Subsequent engagements by the same third party, whose value was verified by earlier engagements, become even more cost-effective and efficient.

In our next blog, we’ll look at how you choose a third-party test partner for a new DCN initiative.

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