How do you Choose a Third Party Test Partner?

two men in a testing labThe choice of a qualified test partner is critical. Employing a test partner who has a team of test experts in the field of data center testing is a key factor in making this choice.

Testing should be a core competency of the partner, not an open-source freeware or an ad hoc solution offered on request. This means the partner is an established global name in the test and measurement industry with verifiable experience and expertise. The partner must test on a platform that has the power and sophistication to support all the elements of test realism i.e., real user behavior, real converged traffic, and real network conditions.

Their test platform must also support robust, standards-based test methodologies that stress the performance, availability, security, and scalability of the device or system under test.

The test partner should be a neutral party without a motivation to influence the test results, as may be the case with a system integrator testing their own solution. Some systems integrators who do their testing in house have a vested interest in delivering positive results.

The testing team should have a holistic understanding of networks, be able to articulate testing benefits and ROI vs. risk, and have an established delivery process. A test partner’s qualifications are further strengthened if they have extensive expertise in lab and test automation and can provide references of successful engagements.

Since purchase of required test equipment can be prohibitive, selecting a test partner who also manufactures a broad array of networking test equipment and provides options to rent test equipment, offers added advantages and cost benefits. The most advantageous test partners that provide test rental equipment are those who supply devices manufactured by the same company.

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