Are there Case Studies in DCN Testing Showing Best Practices?

When it comes to “the proof is in the pudding,” it might be helpful to have an insight into the range of enterprises that were part of the original set of case studies in the Data Center Networking testing best practices white paper associated with this blog. They were:

  • A global entertainment corporation*
  • A prestigious financial institution
  • A major online business news and information website
  • A multinational pharmaceutical company
  • An international construction group
  • A leading online brokerage firm *

Case Study Graph

Also, in the table above, you can see which best practices were applied in the Professional Services engagement delivered by Spirent Communications. You can also see by the notation of the asterisks in the first and last bullets which of the case studies are profiled in the associated on-demand Learn in 10 Webinar. Let’s review some specific test results that were cited in the Webinar.

*Case Study #1: A US Global Entertainment Corporation

The Challenge: Data Center consolidation; over 15 new devices from seven vendors, many of whom wanted to be present during testing.

Solution: Vendor testing with PASS methodology

Benefit and Outcome:

  • Final vendor choices were exact fit
  • Vendors made adjustments, retested, secured their sale
  • Customer requested a proposal for Phase 2 of testing

Phase 2—Goal: Verify the end result that the new IT build out was ready to go live and that future growth was assured. The testing engagement employed the second two components of the best practices: Network Failure and Configuration Testing.

*Case Study #2: An Online Brokerage in the US

The Challenge: A data center upgrade, new functionality, increased security, future headroom
Solution: Multilayer testing strategy; performance and security testing per domain and all the DCN testing best practices applied.

Benefit and Outcome:

  • Pre-launch testing revealed multiple issues; all corrected before launch
  • Testing validated network design for current and future growth requirements

Case Note: A short time after they went live with their upgraded data center, a 200-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) resulted in spiked trading. Response times for competing online brokerages jumped as much as eight times normal. This firm’s online trade activity, however, was unaffected. Their performance under duress was credited with their taking a commanding market position.

An Observation: All of the six case studies cited in the white paper employed data center testing, with best practices before launch of the initiative, and a broad range of verticals recognize the need to test their data centers before launch. In these cases each chose third-party test partners. What’s the conclusion here? In some cases, using a third-party test partner is good business.

In our next blog, we’ll look at the advantages of using a third party testing partner in new DCN initiatives.

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