Faster, cheaper, better-are you using ITO yet?

Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO) first appeared a few years ago, and has attracted critical acclaim and a lot of strong advocates, but the full potential of the strategy has yet to be embraced by the global testing community.

Given the competitive landscapes in which companies operate these days it’s more critical than ever to reduce time-to-market and improve product quality. Equally important is generating better returns on investment (RoI).

In this context, there’s an on-going requirement on test organisations to continuously improve, and ITO has proved it can have a significant benefit on test effectiveness and efficiency. Yet some organisations have not yet adopted ITO and this may be due to a number of reasons.

Whatever the reason, the experience of the past two years has demonstrated that the benefits of ITO are real and substantially greater than what test automation can achieve in isolation.

As a user of ITO, Spirent has seen dramatic and substantial advantages for test automation, and we have also seen similar benefits after adopting ITO for our software product development processes. The results were so impressive that we have adopted the principles across the whole engineering organisation and into our pre-sales processes.

The savings achieved are substantial—if companies do not adopt ITO they could be at a real competitive disadvantage.

For more details on the benefits, please take a look at this recently published article in Testing Experience—Issue #22: “Embrace Automation – And Maximise ROI Across The Lab Infrastructure”, which can be found at this link: http://testing-experience.com/ (registration required) or click here to get the article.

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