Network Testing Professionals Gather at Conference: Next Generation Network Delivery Solutions

The Next Generation Network Delivery Solutions conference, hosted by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and the NTAF, was held at Hilton Doubletree, London on Nov. 27-28 2012. High profile speakers gathered from the around the globe to discuss Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO), as well as the relevancy and performance of current test automation providers doing business within the telecommunications market. Spirent Communications sponsored the industry-wide event, among other solution vendors.

Featured speakers included Keith Kidd from NTAF and Verizon, Marcel Rijnders of Verizon, Lo Sui Lun of Hong Kong Broadband Network, Axel Clauberg of Deutsche Telekom, Carsten Rossenhovel of MEF and EANTC and many more. Each session delivered valuable insight into the test automation community, showcasing the talent and expertise within the field.

On behalf of Spirent Communications, I delivered a presentation centered on the importance of and key benefits resulting from ITO. Considering the ever-changing nature of technology and the abundance of testing resources available, Spirent endorses the creation of an all-encompassing framework upon which to build a solid testing network. For this reason, I felt it necessary and helpful to further educate the community on up-to-date ITO practices.

In case you missed the event, below are several key points from my presentation at the Next Generation conference.

Session Recap: ITO

In order to efficiently deliver a product to market, it is pivotal to remain informed on industry updates and best practices.

Today's customers expect more integrated content than ever before. Service providers and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are racing to deliver products and feature updates in accordance with consumer demands. So, in order to deliver quality in a timely manner, testing systems and platforms have become a strategic investment.

Many organizations are now turning to ITO frameworks for a complete solution. ITO is defined by the following:

"Test practices required to ensure infrastructures meet a defined quality of service and quality of experience required to deliver strategic business objectives."

ITO practices span the testing process from start-to-finish, covering emulation and analysis, test automation, manual and developer testing, quality management and lifecycle virtualization. In order to successfully carry out product testing, we at Spirent Communications, find that utilizing ITO presents benefits at each step, thus enabling team collaboration and improved communication across the entire value chain. The positive effects of ITO, however, does not end there.

The testing process is complicated and detail-oriented by nature. Employing ITO in your organization will result in increased visibility, traceability, collaboration, realism, integration and productivity throughout the testing process. With these added benefits, service providers and NEMs can increase product speed to market and, more importantly, minimize the possibility of product errors.

The Competitive Advantage

Building an efficient infrastructure is no longer a desire; it is essential to successful organizations. Beneath the tangible product features and long-anticipated releases are the underlying frameworks built by the experts. In a dynamic environment like the IT industry, you must remain competitive.

In order to do so, businesses must optimize the entire testing infrastructure, from small details to the bigger picture. For instance, it is crucial to separate ITO from test automation or manual testing. The latter serves individual purposes within the overarching framework, which can only be defined in its entirety.

By introducing ITO practices, businesses can obtain a competitive edge. ITO enables increased communication across the entire test team, lending to collaboration and informed decision-making. A reliable infrastructure also allows for an organized workflow, increased resource utilization, and consumer satisfaction. These benefits can grant additional leverage for further innovation, and hopefully, the freedom to be creative.

Ultimately, ITO shapes a comprehensive testing strategy. Many businesses have systems in place that exist as single entities pieced together by end results. In order to observe and fully utilize each step, it’s crucial to strategize with ITO. Contact a Spirent representative to find out what solution will help you reach your objectives.

Did you attend the conference? What were your favorite highlights from the presenters and information shared?

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