Testing the OFELIA Environment

OFEILA Facility & IslandsOFELIA, a pan-European environment for the research community, is conducting experiments in an OpenFlow-enabled wide-area network. OFELIA is based on a set of ten “islands” that create a diverse OpenFlow infrastructure that allows experimentation on multi-layer and multi-technology networks provided by the different islands. Recently the organization announced that the test beds will be adding Spirent TestCenter Virtual for testing in the Software Defined Networking (SDN)/OpenFlow environment.

OFELIA members can initiate Spirent TestCenter Virtual inside any server located at any OFELIA island, and the points of presence in the test bed. One or more of Spirent’s virtual machines (VM) can be connected to any experimental VM or group of VMs running in the test bed to help test functionality, performance, availability, scalability and security of the VMs under test. The Spirent VMs can also be deployed locally, to test within a single island, or globally, for testing across multiple islands and locations.

According to Hagen Woesner, OFELIA Project Coordinator, “Spirent’s test solution enables our researchers to take advantage of highly scalable and realistic test traffic to better understand the advantages of SDN/OpenFlow and NFV.”

Spirent TestCenter Virtual also provides an OpenFlow Test Solution to OFELIA. Each Spirent TestCenter Virtual VM is capable of emulating an OpenFlow controller and providing data flows across the OpenFlow-based infrastructure. Spirent is the first to offer the ability to benchmark flow scalability and forwarding performance across any mix of physical and virtual OpenFlow network devices using any combination of Spirent TestCenter high speed Ethernet test modules, as well as, Spirent TestCenter Virtual.

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