Today, May 15th, is Spirent's 76th Anniversary

By Spirent On May 15, 2012
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Adapted from an email by Laura Owens, Vice President of Human Resources, to Spirent employees.

Spirent Team,

Spirent is truly a company built to last!  Seventy six years ago today, Jack Bowthorpe founded a company that we all know today as Spirent Communications.  Bowthorpe started Goodliffe Electric Supplies, at No. 8 Eagle St., London, with capital provided by his brother’s father-in-law and his two sons—the Goodliffe family.  Soon thereafter, he hired his first employee, Raymond A. Parsons, who after Bowthorpe’s death in 1978 would serve as chairman until 1991.

The Company began by making and selling power line fittings and mechanical timers.  Eighteen months after starting the Company, Bowthorpe bought out the Goodliffes, founding Bowthorpe Electric Ltd.  At the same time, he went into business with Paul Hellermann, who had invented a new method for insulating electrical wiring.  Not long after, the Second World War broke out, bringing unprecedented demand for wiring.   Bowthorpe and his team developed the first technique for producing labeled wires, by ironing decals onto the insulation.

And the rest, as they say, is history as Spirent continues to build on its strong tradition of innovation.

Happy Birthday, Spirent!

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