Campus Routers Facing New Demands

By Rajesh Rajamani On June 1, 2012
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Enterprises everywhere, under pressure to improve productivity and save travel costs, make extensive use of Unified Communications capabilities such as telepresence, web and video conferencing, and HD video. However, these productivity-enhancing services place a high demand on campus routers and switches. Campus and branch routers need to provide an order of magnitude higher throughput and routing performance without compromising the Quality of Experience (QoE) that end users expect. In addition, they are also expected to support tunneling technologies such as GRE, L2TP, IPSec and PPPoE to provide secure access to a remote workforce.

Spirent worked with HP during their testing of the HP 6600 router series to see if it was up to the job. HP selected Spirent for its unique strengths: 

a) topology emulation capabilities that enable emulation of tens of thousands of hosts and routers connected in complex topologies

b) complex traffic generation and results analysis, and 

c) authentic user behavior emulation.  Both Spirent TestCenter and Avalanche platforms were used in testing the HP routers. 

The test bed consisted of a Spirent TestCenter chassis and an HP 6608 router, both configured with four 1 GbE line cards. The test plan included nine test cases covering:

  • Routing forwarding performance
  • FIB table capacity
  • GRE tunneling scale
  • Broadband session scale
  • VRF instance scale
  • Firewall TCP session setup rate, session scale, and throughput
  • NAT session setup rate, session scale, and throughput
  • IPSec tunnel scale and throughput
  • High availability convergence times


The test cases included both realistic and extreme traffic and user scenarios to determine the true performance of the HP 6600 router series. And the results? Unambiguous. The HP 6608 with four line cards delivered up to 108 million pps forwarding performance, 60 Gbps of firewall throughput, and 24 Gbps of IPSec AES throughput.

To learn more about the test and see all the results, click to read the case study.
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