blitz.io is now available as a CloudFlare app!

By Spirent On September 19, 2011
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We are super excited to bring blitz.io to CloudFlare‘s users. We’ve been slow rolling this over the course of the week and it has been pretty amazing to see CloudFlare users using blitz.io against their direct domain/origin server to see the benefits of performance and security provided by CloudFlare. CloudFlare is now the 7th blitz.io partner, in a growing list of ecosystem partnerships. In the era of PaaS, DevOps and Continuous Deployment, blitz.io makes load and performance testing a fun sport with no scripting and affordable self-service, utility pricing.


ImageOne of the early blitz.io users filed a support ticket with us saying that CloudFlare was marking the load tests as DDoS and was effective in stopping the traffic from reaching the origin servers. From our perspective, this was resulting in a whole lot of timeouts. This was, obviously, intended behavior on CloudFlare’s part and a few tweets and emails later, the partnership was born! By offering blitz.io as an app to CloudFlare’s users, it’s now easy for these users to see for themselves, the performance improvements provided by CloudFlare.

How it works

Add Blitz to your CloudFlare subscription and we’ll create a user account on our site. We also use single sign-on for CloudFlare users to directly login to the Blitz app without requiring any passwords. We are starting out with a free plan of 500 concurrent users with paid plans coming soon!

Once you are on our app, simply use the following syntax to load test your origin servers.

>--pattern 1-500:60 --region california -H 'Host: direct.domain.com'

We do not allow you to run load tests against the CloudFlare proxy servers, at this point. You can learn more about this in our knowledge-base.


We, at Blitz, are continuing to integrate with various ecosystem partners to provide developers, web-site owners and sys-admin/IT personnel with an easy to use, affordable load testing solution that plays nicely with continuous deployment. If you are interested in offering Blitz to your users, drop us a note: partners@blitz.io. You can also read our partner API specifications to see how easy it is to integrate.

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