What do Lady Gaga and top Defense Contractors have in common?

Well, as you might have guessed, they both need to do more network testing!

Two recent news stories highlight this:

First, instead of picking on Amazon (see my earlier blog post on cyber security this year), maybe Lady Gaga's entourage needs to buy some network testing equipment like, yesterday, and start doing some P.A.S.S. ( Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security) testing.  Read how technical issues impeded the high-profile promotion of Lady Gaga's latest album here.

data threats

Secondly, like so many security bloggers, I am now following up on an earlier post on RSA having their security key information stolen by pointing out that in the last week, both Lockheed Martin and L3 Communications, both top Defense Contractors have been confirmed to be attacked by hackers using the very same stolen RSA key information.  However I am glad for two things:

1. Their intrusion detection systems have detected it and
2. They admitted it right away instead of letting the media leak it and make the PR situation even worse.

Now, simply doing testing is not going to solve your performance and security problems.  You need to buy the best products, solutions and services for that.  I can't stress that enough; it's getting scary out there.

data center testing

But even once it is all deployed, your confidence in a system will only be as good as your testing.  The ONLY way to know you are secure enough or scalable enough is to test your systems for whatever gets thrown at them.

That's where Spirent can help.  Our  PASS methodologies provide some great test reference architectures to help you get started.
So, people, please reach out and find ways to do better testing.  I'd prefer you test with Spirent, but frankly I'd be happy as long as you increase your test coverage in any way, using any approach.
And Lady Gaga: call me.

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