Forced to Choose Between Network Protection and Business Productivity? Think Again.

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Enterprise networks are being attacked on multiple fronts—hacking, data breaches, and denial of service attacks—sometimes simultaneously. Are your IT departments adequately prepared to address these multi-dimension security challenges without impacting business productivity? To effectively stop attacks on the network, many IT departments increase their network security, sometimes at the cost of reducing access to legitimate traffic and end users. The key to successful data center and cloud infrastructure security deployment is maximizing network security without compromising performance. However, without the right testing tool, enterprise data protection can come at a cost of lost productivity and business.

Traditional physical security devices are designed to handle the most common attacks with little impact to performance. However, virtual appliances present a new layer of complexity as resources needed by virtual servers are now shared with virtual appliances requiring a balance of security and network performance. Testing in today’s physical-virtual world of cloud computing and virtualized data centers requires a holistic approach that addresses Performance, Availability, Security and Scale across the entire network.

With security testing tools designed specifically for cloud and virtualized environments, enterprises can take the guesswork out of security in a virtual environment. Security test solutions must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide IT managers the ability measure the impact of increasing security in both physical and virtual environments
  • Have the ability to emulate thousands to millions of transactions per second so that even the most robust systems can be tested
  • The test solution needs to be combined with a database of thousands of threats that are updated weekly and can assess impact on the network while under attack and more importantly, determine the impact to the end user

Testing in a virtual environment is similar to a physical one. You must find the capacity threshold for a level of performance you expect and then test it under realistic conditions of an attack to see the performance impact.

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