Is Your Network Ready for Carrier Ethernet Interconnects

By Sailaja Tennati On April 12, 2010
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If you don’t already know, network convergence is central to what’s driving complexity in the communication networks of today. And despite technology, development and deployment of devices and networks, there are significant challenges facing service providers.

How can service offerings be expanded to support enterprise customers? Is the network ready to deliver secure and reliable enterprise applications? Are they prepared for challenges of interconnecting to other large and complex multi-play networks?

The exponential growth in mobile devices and applications both within the consumer and business segments is opening up a large and lucrative market for local and regional service providers who are looking to expand their footprint. However, to be able to offer effective and manageable services, interconnectivity between operators is critical.

While interconnectivity concerns may weigh heavy on the minds of many, there are coordinated efforts underway to ensure the industry realizes the full potential and the opportunities associated with delivering the widespread availability of Ethernet services.

Fortunately, by implementing interconnect standards such as those specified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), operators are better prepared to manage and deliver wholesale end-to-end Carrier Ethernet service while maintaining global service level agreements (SLAs). Through these standards, the needs of tomorrow can start to be deployed today.

So what is the next step? In one word “Test”. System vendors and service providers will be working to implement and deploy these standards but the only way you are sure it works is to test it. Companies cannot afford to learn about issues from their customers when there is stiff competition.

So is Carrier Ethernet interconnectivity ready for prime time? EANTC is conducting a series of public tests to validate Carrier Ethernet service interoperability across eight European service providers. The demo service provider networks are interconnected and then tested to check ENNI and CoS conformance. This helps to demonstrate that these service providers are taking that important next step to be successful.

Carsten Rossenhövel, managing director of EANTC AG, stresses that this Global Interconnect Demonstration is fundamental in advancing the successful implementation of carrier Ethernet interconnects in service provider networks. The path to achieving interconnection goals includes validating the performance of carrier Ethernet services delivery by utilizing solutions designed specifically for testing MEF specifications.

If you want to learn more about what you need to do to leverage the MEF ENNI into your network interconnect strategy register for our webinar titled “Globally Interconnected Carrier Ethernet Services - Are We There Yet?”. This one hour webinar will discuss the test methodology used to validate the performance of Carrier Ethernet Interconnects in your networks and explain what was done at the demonstration during Light Reading Ethernet Expo 2010.


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