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If you look at all the network testing tools that are currently available—free or otherwise—they all have one thing in common, “complexity”.

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If you look at all the network testing tools that are currently available—free or otherwise—they all have one thing in common, “complexity”. Complexity of test case design, development and deployment. What if all that complexity associated with network testing, from configuration to management was removed? You could finally go on that dream vacation without worrying about your sensitive networks, multiple testing tool kits, and inaccurate results.

Spirent TrafficCenter was designed to remove all of the conventional barriers to network traffic testing. It’s incredibly user-friendly interface makes it easy to:

  1. Configure and run basic test models through a web application (without requiring a lot of deep networking and protocol specific knowledge)

  2. Test and validate your network design and connectivity by generating Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic with interactive drag and drop traffic flows, traffic mixes and subnet profiles

  3. Manage your dashboard and track SLAs with custom parameters, health indicators, live test results and comprehensive reports

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With TrafficCenter’s intuitive, easy-to-use features, quick tips, drag and drop functionality, profile sharing and interactive results summary, network testing is made easy.

Spirent TrafficCenter is an affordable, user-friendly, cloud-based web application for all your hybrid traffic network testing needs. This tool is simple, yet feature-rich, designed to meet the needs of a sophisticated network engineer and an enterprise user configuring network testing for the first time.

Contact us today to learn more about Spirent TrafficCenter and register for a free trial of this revolutionary new network testing application.

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Malathi Malla
Malathi Malla

Malathi Malla leads Cloud, Data Center and Virtualization segment for Spirent. Responsible for the Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, and Product Management, she drives go-to-market strategy across Cloud and IP solutions. She has over 14 years of hi-tech experience at both Silicon Valley start-ups and large companies including Citrix, IBM, Sterling Commerce (software division of AT&T), Comergent Technologies. Malathi also represents Spirent as Marketing prime through various open source communities like Open Networking Foundation and OpenDayLight. Join the conversation and connect with Malathi on LinkedIn or follow on her on Twitter at @malathimalla.