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In our first blog in this series, we described the challenges the 5G brings, the need for automated networks and assurance and some key automation use cases to get started with. In this blog, we’ll drill into the service activation and turn-up use case with a specific focus on network slicing. To kick off, let’s briefly review what a network slice is and how it’s changed from 4G to 5G.

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If the excitement of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 illustrated any key lesson, it’s that 5G is intensifying the rate of digital transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as they respond to challenges on multiple fronts: They must compete against both traditional service providers and web-scale companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google; defend their existing revenue streams; and generate new revenue by offering innovative digital services. To deliver on their promises to their customers of digital transformation and 5G, CSPs will want to embrace extreme operations automation and look at every opportunity to reduce human intervention.

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