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Is Your Assurance Strategy Evolving with 5G?


Learn why service assurance strategies need to keep up with the changing pace of 5G technologies.

As we all know, 5G is changing telecommunications networks in fundamental ways not seen in previous tech evolutions. 5G is literally reconstructing the network from the ground up, disaggregating the infrastructure, introducing multi-vendor environments, and bringing critical applications closer to the edge to provide never-before-seen low latency performance capabilities. Everything is changing, but is your assurance strategy?

From gaming applications to smart-factories, IOT, and literal life-and-death, mission-critical use cases such as remote-healthcare, E911, and autonomous vehicles, communication service providers must evaluate if their assurance strategies are keeping pace with new technology demands. Will traditional approaches be able to keep up? What strategies should CSPs be investing in?

To answer these questions, I was thrilled to speak with two experts from Spirent, Doug Roberts, SVP & General Manager, and Charles Thompson, VP of Product Management, for Lifecycle Service Assurance. Watch our conversation below.

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