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First Look: Maximizing the Potential of 5G with Active Assurance


5G has the potential for driving new revenue streams for operators. Learn why active assurance with full network visibility is essential for success.

End customer and enterprise expectations for 5G are sky-high. 5G is the base technology that is supposed to enable countless capabilities, from augmented reality to connected vehicles to mission-critical applications in healthcare and disaster response.

The stakes are high and the potential revenue streams for operators venturing forward are bountiful. To maximize revenue opportunities, however, the technology needs to be consistent and operate at peak performance at all times. Active assurance with full network visibility is essential for success.

I had a conversation with Charles Thompson* and Ross Cassan from Spirent (*there were, unfortunately, some technical issues with Charles’ connection so most of the time was spent with Ross) to explore 5G and the role active assurance plays in reaching its full potential. We discussed some pressing questions, including:

  1. What are the new 5G services that consumers and enterprises can expect to see?

  2. What is it about 5G that makes all these services possible?

  3. Many of the target applications for 5G require low latency - how can this be achieved and what is the role of assurance?

  4. What are you seeing out there in networks today?

  5. How is the “cloudification” of mobile network functions affecting assurance?

Watch the conversation and hear us discuss the range of new monetization avenues beyond the traditional connectivity business models and what it will take for operators to realize the benefits for themselves and their customers.

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