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Enhancing 5G Network Performance with Testing


Enterprise-oriented 5G applications put forward higher requirements on network performance resulting in the need to test and measure processes more accurately. Read about the latest test methodologies that replicate real-life processes to ensure top-performing 5G networks and services.

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about their network performance, fearing it might not be powerful enough to support their challenging business requirements. This is especially true for time sensitive applications, for which traditional packet loss and delay test scenarios are not robust enough to realistically describe the performance of the network. More refined measurement methods are needed to be able to analyze every data packet and to evaluate the performance of the network continuously.

Accurately evaluating network performance

Traditional network performance testing provides measurement results about packet loss rate, maximum, minimum, and average delay, jitter and more. This data is important but does not reflect the network performance or possible transmission errors in detail.

There are more sophisticated solutions available, like Spirent TestCenter, that are capable of accurately and regularly sending data packets, measuring and analyzing each data packet, plus recording problematic packets in detail. Such test setups can help visualize the network performance during the entire test cycle and evaluate the network performance during the whole period.

When a network problem occurs, it can specifically be located to the relevant parameters such as the occurrence time, packet sequence number, port number, stream ID, problem cause, packet loss quantity and delay time. Detailed analysis like that is required for effective resolution of issues.

Evaluating network reliability with enhanced precision

With Spirent TestCenter, the 5G network can be reliably verified through testing that lasts as long as 200 hours. This enables test engineers to thoroughly verify if every packet was transmitted as expected or not. They can generate one-way or two-way traffic and can test multiple data streams at the same time. For enhanced precision, the solution supports out of order calibration. Data packets arriving out of order but within this window buffer will be processed as normal data packets, which replicates real life network processes more closely.

The TestCenter IQ platform enables filtering for consecutive problematic packets via user definable health indicator alerts.

User-friendly, future-proof testing

To make test configuring easier, a web-based user interface is also available. After testing, actionable analytics help evaluate network performance through real-time health monitoring and error isolation capabilities that allow users to quickly pinpoint errors from millions of data points, even in the most complex test configurations.

See how Spirent TestCenter is constantly advancing testing capabilities to meet users' increasing requirements to assure enhanced 5G network performance.

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Bi (Eileen) Li

Senior Product Manager ‒ Cloud Business & Solutions, Spirent Communications

Eileen Li is currently working for the Spirent product management team in the Cloud and IP business unit, helping to define Spirent TestCenter strategy and roadmap in 5G midhaul, backhaul and fronthaul. Eileen has over 15 years of experience working for Telecommunication NEMs and multiple service providers, being responsible for defining innovation strategy, designing network architecture and products in radio access, core and transport network. To connect with Eileen, please go to LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/bi-li-51981941/