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Automated Testing: Revolutionizing Network Modernization


In network transformation programs, where accelerated time to market, optimized productivity, and reduced Opex represent key objectives, next-gen lab and test automation are essential for success. Spirent experts discuss emerging trends in test automation.

Have you heard the saying “a rainy day is not the time to fix the roof?”

Well, in the era of increasingly complex networks, the outcome of proactivity is a competitive edge, and the incorporation of technology-led solutions is key. Accelerated time to market, optimized productivity, and reduced operational expenditures (Opex) stand as paramount goals, with lab and test automation emerging as a cornerstone of this endeavor.

At its essence, the crux of success in network transformation programs lies in Spirent's established prowess in 5G, SD-WAN, security, and next-gen lab and test automation. These domains converge to foster a robust foundation that not only drives innovation but also steers trends towards vendor-neutral expert partnerships, characterized by comprehensive and seasoned technological acumen. This shift illuminates a path toward favorable business outcomes across diverse industries.

I had the pleasure of discussing test automation trends with Spirent experts Rajaram (Raj) Balasubramanian, Vice President and Head of Global Business Services and Chris O’Loughlin, Vice President Sales and Global Business Solutions.

Watch the video to learn about the challenges and opportunities, and see which one of us participated on the US Fencing team in the 1992 Olympics.

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