Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith is a Product Manager at Spirent Communications in Paignton, UK. He has been with Spirent in Paignton for 12 years working as an RF Design Engineer and Applications Engineer prior to his current role within the Marketing team. He holds an Honours degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Plymouth, UK and a Professional Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

Recent Posts

Faster, Surer Industry Certification for GNSS-Enabled Products

Today, the satellite positioning and navigation market is moving with phenomenal speed. Most vendors and manufacturers of GNSS-enabled devices are conscious that—to give their new products the best chance of thriving—they must deliver them to market as rapidly as possible. And one of the greatest obstacles for many is the process of product certification. Minimising the impact of certification on time to market In terms of minimising certification’s impact on time to market...

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