Sneha Patni

Sneha Patni
Title: Technical Marketing Engineer, Spirent Communications

Sneha Patni is a Technical Marketing Engineer working at Spirent Communications’ Wireless business unit. As part of her role with Spirent, Sneha interfaces with global cross functional teams to drive sales and translate business objectives into product strategy. She is a passionate tech geek and has four years of wireless industry experience with companies like Mediatek and Blackberry, with experience ranging from testing mobile application technologies to handling certification test lab. Sneha has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Florida.

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Could GPS Technology Help Reduce Vehicle Emissions

We are generally being encouraged through government sponsored advertising to spend less time in our cars or not to rev our car engines too much. By doing so we can help to save fuel, the world’s resources and, by implication, do our bit towards reducing climate change. The European Union has a long-standing target for car manufacturers to reduce average CO2 emissions for their vehicles to 120g/km by 2012. A longer term target is 80g/km by 2020. The view of the industry has been that this ...

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