Philip Joung

Philip Joung
Title: Senior Manager, Knowledge Management

Philip Joung is a long-time Spirent employee, having joined Spirent as part of an acquisition of a start-up company. Since then, he has had myriad roles in marketing, product management, business development, professional services and support services. His current role is managing the customer-facing digital properties, including the Spirent Customer Service Center (CSC), the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB) and the Spirent Forums. He believes the proper design and usage of these tools can dramatically improve the customer productivity and experience with Spirent.

When not working, he spends his time with his family, which usually means trying to juggle the capricious demands of three young children. He also enjoys the great weather of the Bay Area, which gives him easy access to skiing, biking and volleyball, with a little console gaming thrown in for good measure.

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