Michael Thelander

Michael Thelander is the founder and CEO of Signals Research Group.

Recent Posts

Putting AT&T’s VoLTE Service to the Test

Signals Research Group (SRG) worked with Spirent Communications recently to complete a benchmark study of AT&T’s VoLTE service offering in Minneapolis-St. Paul. For SRG and its readership, the benefits are huge since these collaborative studies provide great insight into how 3GPP technologies, in general, as well as individual vendor implementations of these technologies, perform.  No marketing B.S., “just the facts, Ma’am.”

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Intel proves that it has what it takes when it comes to LTE

Signals Research Group (SRG) recently completed its eighth collaborative effort with Spirent Communications and its sixteenth “Chips and Salsa” report on cellular chipsets. In the most recent collaboration, we brought together LTE baseband chipsets from eight different suppliers (Altair Semiconductor, GCT, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Renesas Mobile, Samsung, and Sequans) to determine who has the best performing chipset, based on a series of 32 test scenarios that we derived from industry accepted 3GPP test specifications. SRG facilitated the benchmark study and was responsible for reviewing and analyzing the results. Spirent provided engineering support, and most importantly, the use of its 8100 test system to conduct the automated and highly repeatable tests on each chipset.

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