Manikantan Parameswaran

Mani Parameswaran

Manikantan Parameswaran is currently an Application Specialist for Spirent's 8100-Location test product segment. Manikantan initially joined Spirent in 2006 as a development engineer and has worked on a variety of different A-GPS protocols and technologies. He holds a B.S in Computer Engineering from Drexel University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Recent Posts

Use Case #2 for Accurate Everywhere Positioning: Sensors can fill in the "gap"

There’s no point in having a decent car, if you spend most of your time stuck in traffic.

The thought flashes through my mind as I drive through the streets of NYC, occasionally glimpsing snarling traffic blocking avenues and cross streets. The navigation app on my smartphone helps avoid all the major blocked points - using real time, crowd-sourced traffic data and location information from thousands of users, including the frustrated ones stuck in traffic. 

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Indoor Positioning: The Key to Bringing Location-Based Services Indoors

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a general announcement: the mall will be closing in 20 minutes” One of the worst times to hear this message, as I found out, is when scrambling to buy a gift. In my case, I was desperately hunting for a Toys’R’Us to grab a gift for a 1-year-old’s birthday party. My trusty smartphone had gotten me safely to the mall, but the Toys’R’us store was just a marker in the featureless blob that represented the mall in my maps applic...

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