Jurrie Van Den Breekel

Jurrie van den Breekel is a Director of Cloud Solutions at Spirent Communications and serves as market segment lead for the company’s Cloud, Enterprise and Data Center test solutions.

Recent Posts

100G OpenFlow World Premiere at AusNOG

During this year’s annual conference of the Australian Network Operators Group (AusNOG), Spirent and Brocade demonstrated a 100G OpenFlow network with live traffic, as well as an example of an advanced SDN application replicating flows for lawful intercept. It was a double premiere of the industry’s first live demonstration of 100G OpenFlow and as the first public demonstration of the Spirent TestCenter interactive SDN application for testing high Speed Ethernet OpenFlow devices.

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Measuring Latency in High-Speed, Low-Latency Networks

Resolution, precision, and accuracy–three words that get thrown around a lot, often interchangeably. That’s not surprising, considering that some dictionaries actually list one or more as synonyms for the other. But these three words actually mean three different things and that distinction becomes very important when testing devices and networks for latency, particularly in switch fabrics designed for data centers and cloud computing. ... the difference is on how reliable and rep...

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