John McLendon, Spirent

John McLendon is a product marketing manager with Spirent Communications, overseeing the Spirent’s Automation marketing. He has more than 25 years of communications industry protocol development and test experience that provides him with unique insights into the trials and tribulations of test case development. John is currently active in the IEEE Standards Association. He is also an avid boater.

Recent Posts

Test Case Automation – The Gift That Keeps Giving

A while back we talked about test lab automation (see Advanced Test Automation), which is returning sanity to test labs all over the globe. In that post I made this statement: "If you haven’t automated your tests, you’re missing one of the best ways to boost productivity and impress your boss. (And the money guys, too.)" It occurs to me that there might be outposts of resistance lurking in the hinterlands that have yet to reap the many rewards available from test case automation. ...

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Advanced Test Automation: Making the Case for Test Lab Automation

Hold the phone! Stop the presses! Suspend the blogs! Abate the tweets! Some breaking news: Testing is essential for achieving product quality, improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs and increasing revenue. OK. So that’s not news. It’s pretty much common knowledge. How about this: Test lab automation is an incredibly effective (but often overlooked) strategy to significantly reduce operating costs while at the same time improving test lab utilization, test coverage and pro...

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