Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh
Title: Product Manager, NFV Solutions

Gurpreet Singh joined Spirent Communications in 2001 as senior engineer, before becoming technical marketing engineer then product manager of NFV Solutions for the company’s Cloud & IP business unit.

Gurpreet is responsible for supporting strategic initiatives and instrumental in business case development for NFV related initiatives, developing partnerships for the NFV Ecosystem, and leading Spirent’s participation and contribution at OPNFV. His detailed knowledge of various unicast routing protocols, multicast protocols, layer 2 switching protocols and Data Center FCoE protocols has been instrumental to Spirent’s active role in ETSI NFV thought leadership for active monitoring and benchmark testing.

Gurpreet has been involved in key proof of concept development with major service providers in NFV as well as supporting strategic partnerships with leading Silicon Valley vendors and service providers. He also has extensive experience in training customer and sales personnel for networking protocols, conformance test suites and analysis of the test results.

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