Frederic Touma

Frederic Touma

Area of expertise: Wireless testing, Channel Emulator VR5, SR5500

Frederic joined Spirent in 2010 as an EMEA Wireless System Engineer working mostly on channel emulators but also on system network emulator and now working as a Business development manager on the Spirent Wireless products. He received a Master of Sciences in Mobile Communications from Aalborg University and has experiences as a RF engineer that he acquired in Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel and Sagem.

Recent Posts

Autonomous Vehicles: Science Fiction or Reality?

Automobiles play a prominent role in our daily lives.  For example, when you consider the fact that Americans spend over 100 hours a year just driving to/from work, we can safely say that driving is a very time consuming activity. Luckily, researchers have been working to decrease the inconveniences caused by automobiles. Vehicle automation is one solution. Car-to-car communication, a hot topic in the telecommunications industry right now, will allow us to enable automation and control ...

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