David Newman, Network Test

Network Test founder David Newman has been breaking computer networks for more than 20 years. Today he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a participant in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). As a member of Network World's Lab Test Alliance, Newman has conducted numerous tests of network infrastructure and security devices. He also is the author or coauthor of RFCs 2647 and 3511, the IETF specifications for firewall performance testing, as well as RFC 4814 on the contents of test traffic. Newman is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and New York University.

Recent Posts

Testing 10G Data Center Switches: Scaling 10 Times Higher

If there’s one overarching conclusion I’ve drawn from three months of testing 10-gigabit top-of-rack data center switches, it’s that “switch” and “data center switch” are very different beasts. Understanding the latter means testing new features like virtualization support and storage/data network convergence, while also driving unicast and multicast scalability benchmarking to new heights. In a project recently published in Network World, we compared switches from six vendors, eac...

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Testing Data Center Virtualization: Are you asking the right questions?

Data centers today are larger, faster and more complex than ever. New technologies such as virtualization, Fibre Channel over Ethernet and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet aim to help organizations move multiple traffic types – data, storage, video, and voice – onto a single, converged core. Validation of all these new technologies through testing is a crucial part of the product development and deployment process. Today, let’s look at testing virtualization. Testing virtual network de...

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